At PECO and across the Exelon utilities, we are on a Path to Clean, working to reduce our operations-driven emissions by 50 percent by 2030 and achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. Our Path to Clean initiative is not just about reducing carbon emissions; it’s also about empowering customers, fostering sustainability, and building a better future for the generations to come. As a company and in partnership with our customers and communities, we have made significant progress towards a cleaner energy future. We’re proud to spotlight our customers’ adoption of cleaner energy solutions in a new progress report.  

Energy Efficiency  

  • Energy conservation not only saves money but minimizes energy waste. That’s why we implemented various energy efficiency programs to help customers save energy and money. In 2023, $46 million in total incentives were paid to customers across the region, accounting for a total electric energy savings of 301,000 megawatts. 

  Transportation Electrification  

  • Beyond upgrading our company fleet with more fully electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids, we’re expanding the adoption of electric vehicles by educating customers on their financial, environmental and health benefits, while supporting and promoting charging infrastructure development through technical assistance and incentives. In 2023, $274,000 in rebates were paid to support the installation of charging stations, with over 700 charging port reservations for EV Fast Charging (EVFC) and EV Level 2 (L2) Chargers —creating more opportunities for electric vehicle charging across southeastern Pennsylvania.   

Solar Energy  

  • Another element of our Path to Clean involves supporting the adoption of solar-generated energy. PECO’s Green Power Connect Team, which is dedicated to providing new and innovative ways to support customers in solar adoption, has handled more than 18,500 solar interconnection requests for our customers since 2018 and decreased the average number of business days between solar applications and installations by 72 percent.  

We’re building on our commitment to protect and preserve the environment and combat climate change by playing a leading role in the region’s transition to a cleaner energy future. This in-depth report also provides a breakdown of our customers’ progress across the various counties served.    

Click here to view the full report.

Together, we are making a cleaner, brighter future a reality for the Greater Philadelphia region. We are excited about the progress we’ve made on our Path to Clean and look forward to continuing this journey.