This year, PECO is taking part in World Honey Bee Day in a whole new way. On August 21, PECO will join organizations around the world to celebrate honey bees and recognize their vital contribution to our daily lives.

While small in size, these pollinators play a major role in our food chain. As you read this, pollinators like honey bees are hard at work to carry out a number of indispensable functions to sustain our ecosystems and aid in food production.  

It’s safe to say, it is our responsibility to protect these species, and we can do so by helping to foster and preserve their habitats. That’s why PECO is launching its newest environmental project, Buzz at Berwyn. Earlier this month, beehives were installed at PECO’s Berwyn, PA-based facility in partnership with Alvéole, an established urban beekeeping company.

Now more than ever, the popularity of urban bee projects is on the rise across the country due to the vast social and environmental benefits associated with hosting these hives. Beyond PECO’s goal to address declining pollinator populations, the Buzz at Berwyn initiative is a community-focused investment, funneling the company’s energy and resources into the communities it serves.

“At PECO, we recognize our civic duty to preserve and nurture the environment, and that includes doing everything in our power to protect these critical species,” said Alisa Otteni, Senior Environmental Program Manager at PECO. “While it’s common to take nature’s great wonders for granted, it’s important that we raise awareness about the urgent need to promote pollinator populations and their valuable contributions to the ecosystem.”

As a company committed to protecting and preserving the environment, PECO’s unwavering support of pollinator habitats and biodiversity ties into the company’s long-standing dedication to the environment. Earlier this month, PECO, alongside the combined Exelon Utilities, announced that the companies are committed to  to achieving net-zero operations-driven emissions by 2050

Through this plan, PECO’s commitment goes beyond reducing emissions. Path to Clean is part of our comprehensive efforts to protect and preserve the environment and combat climate change, aligning with PECO’s commitment to a creating a cleaner, brighter future for our customers and communities.

For more information about how you can support the pollinator community and contribute to a healthier ecosystem for years to come, visit