In Pennsylvania, utility customers have the opportunity to choose their electricity or natural gas supplier, which may save them money. Regardless of who you choose to supply your energy, PECO will continue to serve as your energy delivery company and will respond to outages, manage billing, etc. 

As electricity and natural gas supply rates increased in 2022 across the U.S., many customers in Pennsylvania enrolled with competitive energy suppliers for fixed-rate offerings and lower prices. Approximately a year later, it’s likely that many are now approaching the end of those contracts, and the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) is encouraging consumers to understand the options at the end of a contract, as well as the importance of taking action to avoid any surprise changes in energy prices. 

Getting to know your contract:

  • Understand all terms and conditions contained in the supplier contract. These can be found in the contract’s disclosure statement. 
  • Read the Options Notice carefully to understand important information on the supplier’s proposed changes to current terms of service. 
  • Watch your mail or email closely for important contract renewal notices with “end of contract” dates and details. 
  • Know your end date for your energy supplier contract to avoid a potentially costly variable-rate product, which could fluctuate up and down monthly. 

Customers who have questions about the end of their contract should contact their current supplier, which is listed on the PECO bill and, if there is a problem, then contact the PUC’s Bureau of Consumer Services at 1-800-692-7380.  More information on understanding a contract with a competitive natural gas or electric generation supplier can be found on the PUC’s websites at or Here you can use PECO’s Price to Compare to evaluate offers from competitive suppliers. Note: PECO’s electric Price to Compare decreased, effective September 2023.

The Standard Offer Program is another option for customers to receive 7% off the Price to Compare when they enroll with a participating electric generation supplier. The price per kWh is locked in for 12 billing cycles and the customer can elect to switch any time without penalty.  

At PECO, we do everything we can to keep energy supply prices low and help customers manage their energy bills. As the seasons change, here are a few ways to take control over your energy use and costs to save money: 

*Time of Use (TOU) and Customer Assistance Program (CAP) customers are ineligible for third-party electric and natural gas supplier programs.