Safety is PECO’s top priority all year long. But during the winter months as temperatures drop and heating systems are turned on, natural gas safety is even more important.

In 2021 alone, PECO completed 215 projects to replace nearly 300,000 feet of existing natural gas line with new plastic pipe, which enhances safety, is more durable, and improves service. This proactive work will help ensure that our more than 545,000 natural gas customers have safe and reliable service when they need it most on those cold winter days.

Just as PECO proactively ensures its infrastructure is ready, customers should have their heating systems checked now and inspected by a qualified technician to ensure safe and efficient operation for the season ahead.

Customers should remember the following important information about natural gas:

  • Natural gas has no natural odor, so an odorant is added to help detect when a leak occurs.
  • Promptly reporting a natural gas odor plays a critical role in ensuring safety.

If you smell natural gas, call PECO at 1-800-841-4141, 24 hours-a-day, seven days a week.

  • If you smell a faint odor of natural gas, check to see if a pilot light is out or if a burner is partially on. If you cannot find the source, call PECO.
  • If you smell a very strong odor of natural gas:
    • Evacuate immediately and call 911 and PECO from outside
    • Do not turn any electrical switches on or off
    • Do not use devices such as phones, radios, doorbells or flashlights
    • Do not smoke, strike a match or use a lighter
    • Do not start a motor vehicle near the building or source of odor
  • If you smell natural gas outside, especially near a natural gas meter, call PECO.

During winter storms, customers also should remember to:

  • Keep exhaust vents for natural gas appliances like water heaters, furnaces and fireplaces clear of snow and ice to prevent buildup of carbon monoxide.
  • Keep natural gas meters clear of snow and ice by using a broom or brush to gently clear the area around the meter.

Safety is always PECO’s top priority, and customers are reminded to always test their heating system and have it inspected by a qualified technician. Regular service will ensure your heating system operates safely and efficiently for the season ahead.

Increased usage and higher energy prices can also lead to higher bills. Customers are encouraged to take the following steps to manage their usage and bills:

  • Monitor usage through MyAccount and track energy use, set up alerts, get tips on how to reduce costs, and more.
  • Increase energy efficiency by visiting WaysToSave to learn about energy assessments and how to qualify for rebates and incentives.Consider Bill Relief and Financial Assistance to help with higher winter energy bills. 

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