Pet parents unite! Whether you’re the owner of a dog, cat, hamster or bunny rabbit, it’s always important to keep a safety fur-st mentality. Read through some of our top tips to keep your pet safe from electrical hazards.

1. Cover or pick up any loose cords

You can cover any cords that you cannot unplug with a plastic sleeve. However, it is best to unplug and pick up any cords when not in use.

2. Don’t leave your pets unattended when electrical devices are running

Fans, heaters, lamps, computer chargers and clothes dryers heat up when in use and your small pet may want to curl up next to them. In addition, don’t leave devices like hair dryers or straighteners plugged in near water as your pet my accidentally knock them over.

3. Be aware of underground electrical wires

If you have a backyard, your dog may like to dig holes. Keep an eye on where electrical wires are located and where your dog is digging to ensure he or she doesn’t dig into one. Not sure? Call 811 to prevent any potential accidents.

4. Create an electricity free zone

When you aren’t home, it may be best to put your pet in a crate so they cannot get into anything. If that is not an option, block off part of your house with baby gates and create an electricity free zone where they can move around without creating any electrical disasters.

5. Get help immediately if you believe your pet has come into contact with an electrical hazard

If you believe your pet may have bitten into a cord or incurred an electrical shock, look for evidence of burns, increased drooling, coughing, breathing difficulties, mouth irritation, or signs of pain or distress.