At PECO, we’re building on our commitment to protecting and preserving the environment by playing a leading role in our region’s transition to a clean energy future to combat climate change. An important part of our commitment to our customers is supporting the generation and adoption of clean energy resources, like solar power.

We are extending our commitment to solar power this spring with a new long-term, solar renewable energy credit procurement program that will help to support local solar generators and increase the use of solar in our region by doubling the number of solar credits purchased by PECO in 10-year increments. This will result in in PECO purchasing the solar power equivalent of 2,400 residential solar roof units annually. 

On April 20, PECO will launch a statewide RFP seeking Pennsylvania solar generators to provide 8,000 solar Alternative Energy Credits (AECs). Of those credits, 4,000 will specifically come from local solar providers within the PECO service territory in Southeastern Pennsylvania. In 2022, PECO will purchase 8,000 additional fixed-priced solar AECs from the same area, and by the end of the 10-year process, PECO will purchase 160,000 Pennsylvania solar AECs.

Not only will this program help to further the growth of solar generation in Pennsylvania, but the longer-term contracts will help to create a stable market for solar energy. It also supports our goal of ensuring a cleaner, brighter future for our customers and communities.

This effort is part of PECO’s larger commitment to a clean energy future, which includes advocating for policies that drive new solar development in Pennsylvania.  This includes our efforts to support 900% increase in Pennsylvania’s Solar Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard (AEPS) requirement over the next decade, which would help PECO to further increase its support for solar energy.

For interested solar providers, our solar credit procurement RFP will launch on April 20 and be open through June 8, 2021 at 5 p.m., and bidders are required to apply for the minimum annual offer amount of 200 AECs. To learn more about PECO’s solar credit procurement program visit