You should always stay away from any downed power lines. But if you are in your vehicle when a wire comes down on your car, there are steps to help you stay safe.

Always assume the wire is live. Never touch a wire that is on your car or on the ground.

Even if your vehicle is still operable, DO NOT TOUCH THE WIRE, and drive until you are clear of the wires.

If your vehicle is inoperable, stay inside to wait for help, do not exit or reach outside your vehicle until help has arrived.

If your safety is threatened (fire, flood, etc.) and you must exit the vehicle immediately:

  • Exit the vehicle from a door as far away from the wire as possible.
  • Jump away and land with both feet together.
  • Do not touch the vehicle while stepping on the ground, as this can create a path for electricity to run through you.
  • Keep your feet together and take small, shuffling steps. Taking larger steps can create a path for electricity to run through you.
  • When first responders or PECO arrives on the scene, always follow their instructions.

Remember, if you see a wire on the ground you should always assume it is energized. Even if it is still, electricity could be running through the wire. To report a downed wire, call PECO at 1-800-841-4141.

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