PECO provides safe and reliable natural gas service to more than 532,000 customers in the surrounding Philadelphia counties. To do this, we continuously work to maintain the system through inspections, maintenance and by installing new natural gas mains and service lines to bring natural gas to more customers.

Proper planning is also a key to meeting current needs and projected growth across our region as more residents move into the area and tap into the natural gas system. This is a critical step as we develop long-term infrastructure plans to meet the needs of our customers.

PECO has embarked on a project to ensure we can continue to reliably deliver natural gas to customers in Delaware County, which includes the installation of more than 11 miles of new natural gas main and a reliability station on Sproul Road in Marple Township to deliver natural gas from our plant in West Conshohocken to all parts of the county.

Thousands of customers in Delaware County rely on us to deliver safe and reliable natural gas service for their homes and businesses, and this project is essential to meeting their needs. Here’s additional information you might not know about our project.

The reliability station will deliver natural gas to customers in Delaware County. The natural gas reliability station will serve as a receiving point from our natural gas plant in West Conshohocken that will reinforce the supply of natural gas for customers in Delaware County. Think of it as a way to relay natural gas from one point, to a further distance down the line.

The reliability station is necessary to meet customer demand. The natural gas reliability station will ensure we can continue to meet the growing demand for natural gas service for customers in Marple Township and throughout Delaware County. Natural gas usage in Delaware County grew by 3.5% last year alone. Without this project, the natural gas system in this area will be constrained, resulting in reliability issues during the coldest days of the year for existing customers and restricting new customers from connecting to the system.

The safety of our employees, customers, and communities is always our top priority. The reliability station is designed to include all necessary industry safety design standards. Additionally, as with all PECO facilities and projects, we have multiple safety measures in place, including 24/7 monitoring which will allow us to remotely shut the station down at any time. Based on customer feedback, we are also evaluating the installation of additional safety precautions, such as bollards outside the wall to further reduce the risk of damage from a motor vehicle accident.

This location is key. We began our search for appropriate site options in March 2019 and considered at least ten sites that were within a two-mile radius of the targeted natural gas main in Marple Township. There were four components that went into the selection of the location:

  • Proximity – The station needed to be in close proximity to Sproul and Lawrence Roads in Marple Township
  • Availability
  • Size – The property needed to be between .5 – 1 acre
  • Zoning – The property had to be zoned for utility use

The station meets all noise level requirements. PECO has taken noise concerns very seriously while designing the reliability station. A third- party noise study was conducted, which considered the proposed equipment and included field measurements for baseline conditions. Results of the study provided several noise abatement features or design recommendations. PECO has implemented many of these recommendations into the design in order to remain below the Marple Township noise ordinance levels as well as accommodate resident’s concerns.

We will continue to work closely with the township and residents throughout this project to address any questions, concerns, and feedback on the project.

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