Ready to learn all about how we use energy? This lesson will introduce energy and begin to take a closer look at what renewable and nonrenewable sources of energy we use in the United States.

For each recommended grade, you’ll see an attachment for background reading as well as a worksheet or link to interactive activities. These hands-on activities can be completed as a family or with multiple students of various grades. If your student is advanced, or needs more support, feel free to scale up or down within the levels. We encourage them to try and complete multiple activities from the different levels.

Looking for more home energy activities? We’re pleased to work with The National Energy Education Development Project (NEED), to deliver these fun activities. Be sure to check out their library of resources, and their specialized collection of energy-themed distance/at-home learning activities. All activities are totally free for use at home or school, and accessible by visiting their website,

*Primary reading is structured with the student reader page first, and the teacher/adult page second. Younger or less advanced readers can read along with the student pages, and the teacher pages may be read aloud to them. Advanced readers may be able to read most on their own.

  • Candy Collector will help students develop a more thorough understanding of the meaning of the terms “renewable” and “nonrenewable” and how they apply to energy sources. This fun activity can get a little silly!  Be sure to be mindful of spacing and complete the activity individually if germ control is a top priority in your learning environment!

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