Taking a dip in the pool or spending the weekend at the shore are great ways to enjoy some time in the water. But one place you don’t want to see a river flowing is in your home.

Heavy rain, a severe storm, or other emergencies may lead to flooding indoors, which is a safety hazard. You can follow these tips to ensure your safety if water enters your home.

  • Do not enter basements that have flooded. Wait until power is de-energized and avoid contact with the breaker box. 
  • Keep the number of an electrician or plumber handy. This will be helpful if your home or business sustains internal water damage.  
  • Remember that pools of water may become electrically charged. Appliances in standing water may also become charged, so do not touch them after they have become surrounded by water.
  • Use caution when walking on floors and stairs that have been flooded. Hold onto a railing or walls as ground surfaces may be slippery.
  • NEVER relight pilots on your own. Always contact a plumber or qualified service contractor.

Once utility service is shut off, PECO cannot restore service until floodwaters recede and safety inspections can be completed. In some cases, customers that have internal water damage may need to get an electrician to perform inspections before utility service can be restored.

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